What's happened to Spanish?

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  • Young people are always trying to make short all their messages. This implies to use an English verb or noun by simply adding the "ar" ( which is Spanish is equivalent to "ing") and there comes an Spanish-english verb, as "googlear" which means to use google to perform a search os some date of a person. "Chatear" is also a king of this procedure, inatead of using the proper Spansih word which is "Conversar", a bit too long.

    If we apply a more, sound, deep psychological approach, a psychoanalyst would say that this express a hidden admiration of the Anglo Saxon world, who evidently has taken the dominion of most of the world since the Industrial Revolution onwards, which is a undiscussed fact.

  • Yes, there are many causes. But I see that to speak a good Spanish is not considered here as "cool". Using English words suggest that you are updated and better informed and inside the First world society.

    The same use of foreign words are used in a decaying language as Italian. I do not mean that Italian is a dumb, rude language, On the contrary, it is a beautiful language if it is well pronounced and managed. But as the Italians do not need to show their identity as thay have at least 800 years of existence (Italian was formed from Latin and acquired entity by the works of Francesco Petrarca and Dante Alighieri in the 1200´s), so they are sure of their identity and thinks that using foreign words will not hurt them.

    Sadly, demography presents a dark future for Italian culture. Real italians are becoming a minority, as it will happen in many European countries. As I stated in a previous post, Western culture will stay firmly in all the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and perhaps South Africa.

    The remains will belong to others.