Comedian or dirty old man?

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  • Now known as the scandalous sketch (direct Spanish translation) the comedian Santiago Bal tries to assist a young lady who is bothered by a flea that is itching her and endeavours to assist with her know the rest.

    Humour has changed and the Benny Hill (groan) type of sketch doesn't go down as well as it used to nowadays. Personally, I found anything Benny Hill did to be cringeworthy anyway.

    I suppose the point is, if a woman wants to perform in silly sketches like this, is she being demeaned even though she chooses to do it in the first place. I don't think so - it's on her if she knows what's coming.…0_rJeBzSwrG.html#cxrecs_s

  • All these theatrical shows that are played in some vacational resorts, like Mar del Plata or Carlos Paz is Cordoba, are of the most high bad taste. The only things that they are used to do is to show nudities and vulgar sex-talkings all the way. It seemas that sex is the unique, sublime concern of the human being.

    It shows as well the low level of refinement of this kind of public. (that of course for me is a shame). You will never see a performance of Moliére, Shakespeare, Calderon de la Barca, Arthur Schnitzler, or Ricardo Rojas (to quote an argentinean author)

    I know that perhaps it sounds like a claim of a bigot. Could be, but it is curious how these issues are always present in the popular theaters nuwadays.

  • Certainly it's demeaning - but everyone involved is a volunteer, right? If no one is harmed why should it even be discussed? Carlos is right - if a person chooses to crawl through a gutter, how surprised can he be to find he comes out covered in excrement? What's sad about this is that it's considered newsworthy - or even worth of condemnation.

    If everyone could find the strength to ignore it, it would go away.