Forum Rules -Please Read

  • Argentina Expats is primarily a forum for sharing opinions and experiences of life in Argentina and whilst we strive for a relaxed, convivial approach, we do need to have rules, so please observe the following points when posting in the forum:

    Just be civil - everyone likes an animated discussion, but lets not get all nasty and personal.

    No spam.

    No links to porn or obscene material.

    Do not upload porn or offensive material.

    No direct links to illegal torrents or any other illegal file sharing service.

    Do not upload offensive images.

    Do not indulge in personal attacks on other members of this forum.

    Please stay on-topic within the thread wherever possible as the forum has very clear categories, so please choose appropriately.

    We welcome members who don't live in Argentina, since the forum was originally started in 2012 and has been through a number of incarnations, with many founding members returning.

    All new members are welcomed regardless of their place of residence and please bear in mind that this is an English speaking forum.

    We don't over-moderate and expect members to observe this ethos at all times - common sense should prevail.

    Please enjoy the forum and observe these rules at all times.