My faith in humanity has been restored!

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  • I bought Adri a brand new Sony Xperia phone for Christmas and to say she was chuffed with it would be an understatement, especially because of the bad luck she has with mobile phones.

    Last week she went away for a few days with her girlfriends to a house by the beach in Punta del Este and on the very first night plugged her new phone in to charge and following a few power cuts later she found the phone wouldn't switch on - kaboom! We've no idea what happened, but as you can imagine, Adri was as sck as a parrot about it, thinking it had been her fault, which it clearly wasn't.

    I contacted the bloke I bought it from (he does all his business on Facebook and has an excellent rep) and he promised to see what he could do.

    I met him this morning and he replaced it, no questions asked and with zero fuss whatsoever.

    One can get a little jaded having lived in this country for a while, but when you get this kind of service, it's very uplifting indeed!