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  • No wonder of this. I received a Christmas card from an American friend in January 18th, in response of my Christmas greeting sent by e mail in December 23 rd 2017.

    Now the mail letters are not taking seriously, as very vew people send them.

    I recall that when I was a boy (1950's) the letters from USA and Europe arrived at a maximum in five days. (Of ocurse, Air mail)

    The only things that I receive in my mailbox, at the entrance of my home, are invoices, fines and AFIP warnings. All hideous things, never a good new.

  • There is a UK Linguists association which dared to mail my examination results and they arrived unopened and safe in under 10 days. Results are mailed the same day to all candidates worldwide. Others candidates in Europe received the results after 4-5 days, so when I got mine 3 days later than them it was a magical and inclusive moment...

    Then later on they mailed the actual certificate. Luckily I was going out shortly after the postman threw it across the gate of our building (we have a letterbox, but maybe the certificate was too big to slip through the hole). Another miracle.

    And earlier in December I even received their magazine... well, it was the November issue and the advertising about language fairs being held in November were already past due, but I wouldn't have attended them anyway. I felt like Santa dropped a gift from the sky. An actual paper magazine from abroad. I decided to read it ENTIRELY as a sign of respect.

  • In October 2005, we walked downtown to the magnificent central post office, bought intricately designed and beautifully printed Christmas stamps, and airmailed Christmas greetings to our family. We were a little self-conscious that we were sending Christmas wishes 2 months early, but we wanted to be sure they arrived on time.

    The first one arrived just before Valentine's Day. Since then, we have never mailed another thing. When non-traveling friends ask us to send a postcard from Argentina, we just laugh and ask instead if we can bring them something easier, like a box of alfajores or a bottle of Malbec.