A moving ceremony for a funeral

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  • This thread has nothing referred to Argentina, but I would like to show how an ancient funeral ceremony was done in the Austrian Empire. The video is spoken in German, and the translation is this:

    This is the funeral of Rudolph of Habsburg, the heir of the Imperial and Royal throne of the Austrian Empire, which committed suicide in 1889.

    The officer knocks three times the door of the Kapuziner kirche in Vienna, where all the Habsburg monarchs are buried.

    A monk, inside, ask: Who is there?

    The officer respond: Archduke Rudolph von Habsburg, heir apparent of the Austria-Hungary Empire, prince of Bohemia, Tyrol, Moravia, Lodomeria, Galitzia; Count of Iliria, Slovenia, Croatian and Jerusalem, and so forth (many other titles)

    The monk, inside, says: We do not know him.

    The officer, rather concerned, repets the knocking of the door.

    The monk, inside, asks: who is there?

    The officer says, more humbly: Rudolph of Habsburg, heir apparent to the throne of Austria Hungary

    The monk says again: We do not know him.

    The officer knocks the door by the third time.

    The monk, inside, asks: who is there?

    The official finally respond, giving up:

    Rudolph, a simple sinner

    The gates of the Kapuziner kirche are now open, and the burial is allowed to be done.

    A good proof that in front of God, all men are equal and wordly honors are worthless.


  • Very moving. Was this ritual performed only for royalty?

    Yes, only for members of the Royal and Imperial family of Habsburg. The last one buried there was Otto Von Habsburg Lothringen Bourbon Parma, the son of the last Emperor Karl (reigned 1916-1918) , who adapted himself and become one of the leaders of the European Union, and idea pursued by the Habsburg family since long time.

    The other last buried was Empress Zita of Bourbon Parma, mother of Otto and wife of Emperor Karl who die very old, almost 98 years.

    By the way, Emperor Karl is going to be proclaimed a Saint by the Catholic Church, because he was the only one who paid attention to Pope Benedict XV (Not Pope Ratzinger) who in 1916 asked all the powers to end an "inutile strage" (in italian, an useless butchery) the WW1. Also his personal life, and care for his wife and children were exemplars as being faithful as a thorugh Christian.