The most argentine moment

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  • Happened just now

    In a restaurant. Paid with a credit card. Waitress brought over the machine and said “podes firmar en la pantalla de la máquina con tu dedo?” And I said, “ah nunca vi eso antes en Argentina, es súper moderno, es nuevo?” And she responded “si, es Nuevo, para ser más rápido.” So I then sign the screen and am super excited because fiiiinally only 10 years after the US, finally, they’re getting rid of the credit card papers here for small transactions fiiiinally, I felt hope......

    Then the credit card machine printed out a copy of it (including a print of my signature) and she gave me a pen and the paper and said, “podes escribir tu DNI acá...”

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  • This is a tough one. So many 'most Argentine moments' come to mind. But most recently, we celebrated a special occasion in La Costilla, a favorite lunch destination in Palermo Hollywood, and the manager sent us home with an extremely beautiful bottle of Malbec. Over the years, we have experienced so much hospitality and completely unexpected generosity in Argentina.

  • Last Argentine moment... is a collection.

    We were sun bathing at the beach in Mar del Plata. The police comes for a raid against beach vendors. They send two policemen to the right to find the vendors over there and bring them in the middle of the beach (next to us), where the action took place. They find and bring a lady selling about 200 bikinis on a cart. On one side of the cart there are 10 policemen and about 5 vendors, the policemen are talking to the vendors and fining them. On the left side of the cart there are ladies browsing the bikinis and inquiring on the price! ?(

    Others vendors keep selling their stuff on the beach... it is not clear whether they do not see the police a few meters ahead or if they don't care or don't connect the dots... Many vendors literally walk into the police raid and get hold as well. Dumber and dumbest moment. :huh:

    Vendors are calling their 'superiors', if this means anything. Other people (all very fat) come rushing, they have a friendly chat with the policeman leading the raid. Fines are issued, carts are confiscated, the bikinis get counted and thrown into a Police blue bag. It's 11 AM. I thought that 'beach time as we know it' was over... no more beach vendors... =O

    At 11.40 AM the corn vendor comes back yelling 'Choclo! Chooooocloooo bien calientito!'. Behind him comes the guy selling drinks 'Coooocaaaaa, cocaaa y bebidas frías!' and then the old man with the coffee jug 'Caféééééé! Cafecito caliente!'. The world as fallen back into place. Summer is safe.

  • This is priceless! I'd give a lot for this tale to be told by the great comedy teams of silent movies. Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin following the cops, stealing the confiscated goods from them while they're citing other vendors, then going behind them to sell while the cops grab the next victim. A rotating circle of arrests and sales.

  • I wanted to grab the scene but I did not want to get into trouble. To my amazement, I was the only one in disbelief. The other people were just watching carelessly... I kept turning to my husband and saying "Look!!! They are asking for the price while the vendor is talking with the police at 1 meters)" "look! that other vendor is still walking this way... can't he see what is going on?"

    In the end I was the only one making so much of a fuss about it.

  • You have a child here, you have to go to Registro Civil and register the child and get the DNI.

    We have had several children here, not once has the procedure remained the same. Every time something changes: first you went to whichever office you wanted, but by appointment, then you had to go to the office they assigned you depending on the hospital (NOT depending on where you live), but without appointment, then again only with appointment, then that office kept changing, before could be either of parents, then only mother... madness.

    What has never changed is the amount of documentation that you have to bring. DNI of both parents, libreta de familia, the works. And of course, with photocopies of everything because they won't do that for you. I'm sure everyone here has been rejected at one tramite or another for bringing only the original without photocopies.

    Anyways, while getting the papers together, it emerged that my better half had misplaced her DNI. The appointment was in an hour. What to do?

    Thankfully, I have full-size images of all our family's DNI's, in both B/W and color, always ready to print out. So we figured that she'll take her (Argentine) passport, and between the printed out copies of the DNI, image of the DNI on her phone, and original passport, she'd squeak through.

    What happened? She presented the printed scans of both our DNI's, and that was that. They did not ask to see the originals. They did not ask to see the originals.

    Only in Argentina, can neglecting to bring an original be better than neglecting to bring a copy.

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  • We were selling a bed and mattress, and a lady offered a poodle puppy. She said she was a breeder and that it was worth exactly what we were asking (according to ML that is true) and that she had all the paperwork in order and vaccinations, etc. The 'puppy' was 8 months old, which I think is above the age of sale of most puppies.

    I was really troubled by the offer, as at first we thought it was stolen and we should save the dog, but paying for a dog means they would have kept stealing and selling them. Which was worse.

    Then she said she had paperworks, but I was anyway troubled because the 'puppy' was really too old to be sold and so if nobody takes it, what will be of it?

    And how can you breed animals and do not have 3,000 ARS for a bed? Are you sleeping on the floor?

    I am very uncomfortable about animal breeding and selling, I had an unpleasant afternoon filled with ethical and moral dilemmas. In the end we dropped the offer.