Buby cars, cars and Argentinian collectibles

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  • A friend of mine is a collector of Buby cars. These were scale models of cars in the '70 and '80, and some models are quoted over 100 USD right now.

    He keeps track of ads on eBay and spotted this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/263274481155?ul_noapp=true

    He asked me if the magazine Salvat Collection "Unforggetable Cars" "Autos Inolvidables" is sold in Argentina. I don't know. Do you?

    He also asked me for stored in Buenos Aires where I could go and find Buby cars for his collection. Again, clueless.

    Last year I brought him a suitcase of autitos Buby he bought from an Argentinian collector he has been corresponding with for 20 years.

    I got in touch with other sellers to bring him his cars, and one of them explained that during the 2001 crisis he fed himself by selling these collectibles abroad, as they were/are very sought after by collectors in Europe. Amazing, right?


  • A friend of mine restores 504’s and 505’s as a hobby. If you’d like a set of real cars instead of models I can get you an estimate.

    I forgot to specify that my friend is in Italy. He'd love those cars, but I could hardly fit them in my suitcase ;)

    Apparently, there is a big market for this kind of collectibles. My husband had several Buby cars when he was a child. They were given away when they moved oversea. We spent an afternoon going down to memory lane while checking we got the right order for my friend in Italy.

    For those interested, Mr. Buby had to set up shop twice because he says the govern stole him everything... and eventually lost everything for good. This moving articles talks about his and others SMBs that fell into disgrace http://www.lanacion.com.ar/211…retratos-del-pais-perdido It is worth a read, but it will make you sad.