How Pope John Paul II helped prevent war between Argentina and Chile in 1978.

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  • That was a very good move of Pope John Paul II. I have talked it with a Chilean friend, who never was a fundamentlist and even he lives in Argentina, that if we were at war, no matter who had won the war, Argentines in the long term will forget the issue. But not the Chileans, which have a strong feeling about holding territories, will continue to hate us in a unbearable way.

    It is a good advice to be at peace with a neighbor who shares with us a 3000 miles frontier.

  • It seems to me that the feelings are reciprocated. I only have to mention Chile in our house and the expletives flow quite freely, especially if it involves football.

    (My wife and her son are Argentine)

    Perhaps you are right in saying that these feelings are reciprocated. But until the 1970´s, that was not the case, as our development was far greater compared with Chile. We never paid attention to Chile: it was too unsignificant for us. But after 1973, when Chile began to grow a steady economic recovery, due to the policies of Buchi (Minister of Economy of Pinochet) and then when all the governments maintained this policies, Chile grew in a spectacular way at the same time of our decadence. This provoked envy among the short sighted argentineans, (which I know many of them) and from that the hard feelings. Meanwhile, the Chileans, as people that have a sudden prosperity, looks with contempt Argentina. The worst we are, the better they feel.

    All this situations are fueling the expletives you quote.