8 Reasons Why Windows 8 Sucks

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  • Great article. We all love to hate Microsoft, but we especially love it (maybe secretly) when they get it right - usually after three or more tries.

    XP was great - the first version of NT available to home users, with true multitasking, multithreaded, 32-bit (later 64) processing. So very much better than the DOS-based predecessors like Win 3.x thru the hideous Millennium Edition. Later came Win 7, to much well-deserved applause and acceptance. It was XP's logical, and better, successor.

    And then Windows 8. What an incredible piece of shit as the face of a good underlying operating system. Windows 10 got most of the good stuff back - with some serious improvements in areas such as security - but what a long wait!

    And, although I love 10, I still use Classic Shell to organize my desktop.

  • Steve Sinofsky was Ballmer's Windows guy. He left the company just after the Win 8 intro - claims it was coincidental - but it's for sure that without his okay, Win 8 in all its wretchedness could not have been released. All the good will that XP and 7 had built up was destroyed by the worst GUI ever (my opinion).

    Bless Microsoft for understanding the magnitude of their fuckup and giving away Win 10 free to qualified Win 8 owners (me, for instance - two PCs, and very grateful).