Bringing food into the US

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  • Question - I want to bring some food in to the US from Argentina. In my suitcase. Just 100 alfajores.

    These are very important alfajores so I don’t want customs to take them since we’re not allowed to bring food in.

    Is there a way around this risk, like some form we can get to bring them in legally? Or...?


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  • Alfajores shouldn't cause any problems. Under the US Customs guidelines' general foods section,

    "The following are generally admissible if they are unopened and commercially packed. Many prepared foods that are unopened and commercially labeled are admissible (excluding meats and meat products). You may bring bakery items and most cheeses into the United States. As a general rule, condiments, vinegars, oils, packaged spices, honey, coffee, fish, tea, and baby formula are admissible." See…272/~/food---general-food

    I took 2 boxes of Havanna alfajores through customs in Atlanta a month ago, with no problems. Enjoy your trip and have fun sharing your alfajores!

  • I confirm Rice 's answer. I landed in New York with two unopened boxes of pandoro, checked the form where it asked if I was bringing in food. Got my suitcase inspected, explained they are industrially-made cakes and that was it. Now, if the alfajores are handmade, that could be a problem.

    My husband had an industrial-made salami confiscated in Boston, and his name was taken by the custom authority because of this. We were not fined, I think he got a verbal reproach and they noted that on his record. The salami was not sealed, as salami are never tight-sealed since they are cured with spices.


  • I'm sure that even sealed salami or any other meat product (like the vacuum sealed beef sold at EZE) would be whisked out of a traveler's hands faster than a Norwegian could obtain a green card --

  • Got stopped at Miami airport once and had to run my stuff through the X-ray. What made them open my stuff was a big red barra de queso.

    "What's that?" - Cheese. "OK, you're alright".

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  • After years of bringing anything at all into EZE, we were unpleasantly surprised to have our food confiscated in Sept. Still haven't found customs info online, to make sure we know the current rules next time. Does anyone know?

  • Alfajores are sold in the duty free shop in Ezeiza and can be taken into the USA

    But if you take in an excessive amount , they will look at you closely ....

    And if the brand is Havana , you will get a long interview to discover your political leanings......