Ikea in Argentina

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  • You can find some IKEA products on https://homedecor.com.ar but they are much more expensive than what you are used to pay at a IKEA stores abroad. Like everything 'exotic' (as it 'from far away'), here it becomes a landmark of expensiveness and richness, whereas abroad it means 'cheap furnitures'. It couldn't get more ridiculous than this, could it?

  • Judging from the quality of the furniture displayed even in upscale barrios, I would think there should be a brisk business awaiting Ikea, should they move into Buenos Aires.

    Not just antique furniture, but also that manufactured in Argentina as recently as 40-50 years ago was solid and built to last. Why the across the board switch to fiberboard and wood-grain plastic laminates?

  • Mr. Ikea just died and the NYT has a piece on him and his questionable political taste.

    Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of Ikea and Creator of a Global Empire, Dies at 91

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