New Expats forum

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  • Welcome to the new Argentinaexpats forum!

    This has come about as a result of continued problems of hosting with our previous web host and rather than having this new domain hosted in Argentina, it's hosted in the USA.

    In time and once we've sorted out the migration, we hope to have all previous posts and history forked into this new forum.

    Stay tuned and we'll keep you updated.

  • I just integrated it with the app - love it. MUCH easier to use on my phone than what I used to do, for a different, nameless site - load that site in the mobile web browser, where it was buggy and painful to use....

  • On the 4th of December Argentina Expats will be one year old!

    I for one am very pleased we decided to make the switch from the Argentine hosting company and also to start again with new the forum software, WoltLab Suite, which is professional, robust and easy to manage.

    We are still a growing forum and the statistics, whilst a little humble, do speak for themselves:

    • 77 Members
    • 1,136 Threads
    • 7,149 Posts (22.2 Posts per Day)

    It's our philosophy to welcome all new members, regardless of whether they are an expat or not, as different views are what help diversify the discussions.

    It's also important to note that we don't moderate posts and PMs, neither do we delete posts because they are not in line with a particular mindset.

    This is an open forum and all views are welcome.

    No major changes are planned on the look and layout of the forum for the near future, but any suggestions members may have will always be welcome.