Websites in 2018 - DIY vs. templates

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  • When I was younger, I used to make my own websites with Dreamweaver and a little bit of HTML coding, then I uploaded the files via FTP on a free hosting service (geocities... dinosaurs!). The world has evolved and now things have gotten much more refined (and complicated), and I do not have the time nor the willingness to fiddle around with many programming languages.

    Last year I was in a bit of a hurry to set up a website and I bought a package on Wix, as it was really easy to set up a nice looking website all what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). I bought the domain on godaddy for less than 10 USD as it was cheaper than through Wix. However Wix now costs over €100 a year to maintain and my website is pretty static, so I do not need extra fancy things (no web store, no database). I am considering going back to domain+host and manual upload.

    Is it possible to do a website old style, i.e. buying a domain, a hosting, an editor and do it myself for a fraction of the price? Is it really convenient? Or would I waste too much time?

    If a domain is just less than 10 USD per year, I suppose I could keep overall costs under 50 USD/year instead of the €100+ I am paying now. I would continue to use Zoho Mail, so the mailbox is sorted.

    Thank you in advance to the tech savvy souls who would like to chime in.

  • I just wanted to close the circle: since I have a multilingual website, it looked like too hard to achieve with Mobirise.

    Hosting plans are around 40-50USD per year (although they are always advertised for their 1st-year promo price which can be as low as a dollar). I'd save time by leaving things as they are and paying 100 USD/year to wix.