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Shipping your household goods to Argentina

  • Nightmare stories.

    [An aside: Why is there suddenly an epidemic of wrong use of the word “whom?” People who are writing it would never use it in spoken English, would they? Is it a misguided attempt to sound erudite? I’m looking at the first Mendoza entry, which says “My brother, whom shipped his….”

    What’s with that? So strange to see a word which never needs to be used, cropping up everywhere, nearly always incorrectly used. Can anyone explain its newfound ungrammatical popularity ?]

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    Mendoza exporters use Chilean ports fairly often for a number of reasons.

    They are closer.

    They are cheaper.

    Sea freight services to Chile from Europe and North America tend to a little cheaper than services to Buenos Aires

    and probably most importantly

    They avoid having to use Argentine road transport and being held to ransom by Moyano and his merry men

  • I had read lots of horror stories before we shipped our container load of belonings from Scotland 15 years ago. Despite that it all went according to plan and to be honest couldn't have gone more smoothly. We hired a well respected company in Glasgow who were very professional from the start. At this end it all went smoothly as welll with very little red tape involved.

    I suspect it's more a case of 'you get what you pay for' than anything else.

  • There are too many horror stories about shipping things here in any form to suggest it is just a matter of getting what you pay for.

    While not shipping containers, I have had my own horror stories from just shipping two pieces of luggage with clothes. That was in 2011 and from what I understand things have become worse since. I am not sure why this country is so paranoid about things entering. Is it really just a case of wanting to make a quick buck off people?