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Argentina state pension - you may be entitled!

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    With my other half being an accountant, there's not a lot she doesn't know about tax and pensions and so it came as a pleasant surprise to be informed that I'll be entitled to an Argentine state pension when I'm 65, which is next June.

    It will be a reduced pension known as jubilacion sin aportes or something like that, which is a pension for non contributors. On the other hand, I have been making payments to the state for the last fifteen years, mostly as self employed, but it's not enough because you need thirty years of contributions as is the case in most countries.

    Anyway, the monthly amount is between $16,000 and $20,000, but I'll have to double check that.


  • THIRTY YEARS??? Are you sure that’s the lower limit in most countries? It’s 10 years in the US.

    Anyway, congratulations! All the more reason to celebrate your birthday 10 months from now!

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    Disappointing news for Adri. She has made well over 30 years of contributions and because the authorities would not recognise ten years of those because the company she worked for during that time is now defunct (even though she has all the paperwork to prove it), she had to hire a specialist lawyer on a no win, no fee basis, recommended to her by colleagues. They couldn't fix the problem either, not to mention the fact that the authorities have 'lost' a lot of contribution information/data.

    One way to fix it is to enter into a contribution payment deal, but she is refused entry into this because she is deemed as socially and economically wealthy. They know this by how much one spends on the credit card. They know everything about you.

    On the other hand, you would be eligible for the scheme if you were seen to be below a certain level, almost on the poverty line and have several children. You know where this is going don't you?

    In fact, for every child you have, it counts as one year deducted from the amount of years of contributions, so if you have ten kids you would only have to pay 20 years of contributions.

    We are determined to fight this injustice and are taking steps to do just that, the details of which would would not be suitable to write in this post.

  • How terrible! So unless you can win the fight, she will have to work an additional 10 years before receiving the retirement benefits from having worked 40, not 30 years? Outrageous!

  • An excellent example of why this country's permanently fucked. Nowt's going to change, especially if you fall ino a certain class of society under a governmet that leans heavily to the left.

  • We are determined to fight this injustice and are taking steps to do just that, the details of which would would not be suitable to write in this post.

    I wish you well. My husband's grandfather had a great career - he started from busboy and became the COO of the insurance company where he started at just 20 years old. As such, he had a great salary, made big money, and afforded a comfortable lifestyle. When he retired, the Government did not pay his full pension. He filed a claim against ANSES, and he won. But the Government wouldn't still pay the full amount due based on his contributions.

    He filed another claim to demand his money. He won also that and they ruled that that he was owed a lot of money in missed retirement payments.

    He died with the same lower pension he was given upon his retirement. His heirs are entitled to pursue a further claim. The family also found a no win no fee lawyer, however the Probate judge is stalling the succession. The man has been dead for 6 years and the succession is not yet finished.

    I think the probate lawyer will die next. Or we will.

  • Adri is the third of our friends to be screwed by Argentina on her pension. One fought the injustice for years and has finally been awarded the full amount. One did not fight it and lived her later years in much reduced circumstances. Now Adri. I hope she will figure out how to claw it back.