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Tokyo Olympics

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    I've never been a big follower of the Olympics, much that I admire all the athletes who take part, but I'm getting tired of reading about Simone Biles and her mental health issues.

    Having withdrawn from numerous events, which she puts down to her mental state, she's just pulled out of two more with all the world pouring sympathy and adoration on her in equal measure. It's almost like she's become a martyr and poster child for mental health in sport.

    In the old days we used to just say "I've lost my bottle (nerve)" then get over it and go home.

    I wish she'd do the same.

    Biles 'has to focus on mental health'
    Simone Biles says she "has to focus on her mental health" after pulling out of the gymnastics women's team final at Tokyo 2020.

  • I'm not going to criticise her mental health issues, nor pander to them. But maybe the reason why she's doing it is to highlight the stigma behind people's discrimination against those who have, and the reason why they keep it quiet instead of talking about it. That said, people should really talk to a doctor. Although that is easier said than done with some people