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Joker Malware hiding in these 11 apps

  • From Kim Komando, 24 July. 2021

    “Joker malware is so widespread that cybersecurity firm Zscaler has set up a dedicated team to research the threat. Their work recently paid off, as they managed to identify numerous apps that are spreading the virus. Keep reading for the new list of dangerous apps.

    “Google has been alerted previously about the malware’s presence. But as fast as it can remove it, new apps appear with the same ferocity.

    The malware is incredibly crafty in the way it works. When an infected app is downloaded, it tricks the Android notification system by asking for permission to read all notifications. Once granted by the user, it hides all notifications of malicious behavior.

    Here is a list of 11 apps recently found hiding Joker malware:

    1. Free Affluent Message
    2. PDF Photo Scanner
    3. delux Keyboard
    4. Comply QR Scanner
    5. PDF Converter Scanner
    6. Font Style Keyboard
    7. Translate Free
    8. Saying Message
    9. Private Message
    10. Read Scanner
    11. Print Scanner

    “In essence, the hackers will have access to all your data and can control your device. Since it hides notifications, criminals can:

    • Steal personal information
    • Access and copy your contact list
    • Monitor text messages
    • Sign you up for fraudulent services
    • Send text messages to premium numbers.”