Fast food delivery

  • Rappi is a slick system, I use it all the time for food delivery, from pharmacies, bakeries, supermarkets, pet food, meat, fruit and veg. It has cut down on going out just to go to shop A, shop B, shop C to get all our stuff. I have at least 3 deliveries a week. PedidosYa is similar, although not quite a smooth as Rappi.

  • We’ve never used Pedidos Ya or Rappi, though from the profusion of their delivery bikes, I know they are popular. Do they charge a flat delivery fee? A sliding scale? A percentage?

    Splinter , it all looks beautiful on your new table!

  • They charge based on the place delivering. For example, Mcdonald's pay charge 180 pesos delivering and Coto $130. I think Rappi just takes a cut. I use Rappi Prime, which I think is 600 pesos a month and all deliveries are free.

  • The charges seem very reasonable. Are the stores/restaurants good about not screwing up your order? I’m trying to imagine Coto getting it wrong, then, having paid for delivery, my needing to go in to the store to try to straighten it out.

  • Out here in the sticks I can't say I've been impressed with the carry out/delivery food scene. No McDonalds of course due to the council protecting the usual food offerings. There's a sushi outlet which I think has survived the lockdown but the fear of contracting food poisnoning has put this fish and seafood lover off ordering it.

    Have to make do with the usual boring pizza,empanadas,asado shit.

  • I love pizza, empanadas, and all manner of things grilled on a parrilla. Sushi would be no loss to me; I’ll take the basic Argentine Food Groups any day. Even DDL.

    I agree however I have to say unless you have a favourite outet who has a track record of producing a quality product the standards are too hit and miss for my liking. A big mac OTOH tastes the same in Beijing or Buenos Aires. What is DDL? :scratchead:

  • It really has become the thing to do here, but for different reasons to what they may be in the UK. Safety being the primary reason.

    I get your point, but none of the fast foods apart from Maccies, Burger King and KFC have been closed due to the pandemic. I haven't even been to Maccies for years, just can't stand their burgers anymore, it really does taste like rubber or paper

  • The worst. But in Argentina, world leader in beef, it is strangely popular.

    In my 20+ years of eating Argentinian beef I've rarely experienced a memorable beef meal here's vastly overrated in my opinion. Many's the time I'd rather have had a Big Mac!! =O

  • Maybe you should try different restaurants, UK Man ? There can be a world of difference in the sourcing of beef. I’ll admit that 15 years ago, when people were already complaining that the quality had declined, it was normal to have delicious steaks in almost any parrilla, and now that is not always the case. But there are so many places that do serve incredibly good meat!

  • The charges seem very reasonable. Are the stores/restaurants good about not screwing up your order? I’m trying to imagine Coto getting it wrong, then, having paid for delivery, my needing to go in to the store to try to straighten it out.

    Well, this can be an issue. I would say 90% are fine.

    It is worth noting that Coto/Carrefour or any other market do not prepare the order. The Rappi/PedidosYa driver goes into the store an basically does your shop for you, spending his/her own money. At least, this is how I think it works because I have had situations where the driver has contacted me because his card didn't work haha.

    In terms of getting exactly what you order, it is actually simple enough from supermarkets. When you order, you can select options on what to do if a product is not available. The options are, replace it with another product (which you choose on the app), have the driver contact you, or simply get a refund on that product. This is the same system for pet shops, pharmacies, and other markets. There are also electronic stores, accessory shops, and other types of stores.

    In terms of take out, most places get the order spot on. By far the worst for getting it wrong is McDonald's, which is also common if you go to a sit-in McDonald's. I guess that's what you get when your staff is comprised mostly of teens. Most orders come fine, but 10% have something wrong, and 90% of that 10% is McDonald's. However, sometimes it is on the driver, such as spilling the drinks.

    The obvious problem is you don't get the meal you expected that night. However, Rappi has a robust complaint system. Before any order closes you can say if it was satisfactory or not. If you say no, you can go through several options for why (missing item, not what I expected, wrong order, etc.). You then provide a photo. Every single time I have done this, the app has asked me if I want a refund or credits towards my next order within minutes. It is worth noting, the refund will be for the specific item. So, if you order two Big Mac's, only one arrives, they will only refund the one that didn't. Either way, my wife goes without her Big Mac ;) and I get a refund or credits to order some ice cream.

    Edit to add I promise I do not work for Rappi in any capacity haha, it is just a surprisingly functional system. PedidosYa is similar, but a little less seamless. Although, PedidosYa is better for small barrio stores and restaraunts

    I’m wondering to which countries’ beef you each are unfavorably comparing Argentina’s?

    I admit it is more the cooking style than the meat itself, which I am no expert on so wouldn't know if it came from Argentina or not. I dislike asado.