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Best range extender in Argentina and abroad

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    We have Telecentro in our two-level apartment and their modem-router's WiFi signal (2.4 and 5GHz) is weak upstairs. The metal stairs definitely don't help! Upstairs we have my husband's computer and and a smart TV in the bedroom. The bedroom, where the stairs land, is the point with the worst signal, streaming is sometimes affected to the point that Netflix disconnects entirely.

    I had planned to buy a range extender during my stay in Europe, however I am unable to have videocalls with my husband while I am here, plus I don't know when I will be bale to come back. It also seems that range extenders are cheap also in Argentina - there are 450 Mpbs used and new for 10 to 25 USD.

    I see on that there are 1200 Mbps for 40 USD. I was thinking to buy a used 450 Mbps one for my husband while I am away, and then bring from Europe a better one and I am looking for recommendations.

    This one is the best seller on for about 40 USD. I suppose this is plugged into an electrical socket upstairs, whereas the used range extender available in Argentina for 2000 ARS should be cabled to the Telecentro router downstairs.

    TP-link modelo WR94ON

    Velocidad de h/450Mbps. 4 Puertos LAN - 1 puerto WAN 10/100Mbps. 3 Antenas desmontables omnidireccionales de 5dBi. Boton WPS. Encripciones WPA/WPA2. Facil encriptado solo presionando el boton QSS. Control de ancho de banda basado en IP.


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    Believe me, the speeds quoted are a myth. 450Mbps and 1200Mbps are pie in the sky and never achievable in the real world.

    What actual speed is Telecentro giving you when tested directly with their modem over either WiFi or a direct LAN cable connection?


    Your husband should try this first, but as close as possible to the modem.

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    My husband said that next to the router the speed is 80 Mpbs and upstairs, at its lowest, it is 18 Mpbs. I don't know what a mesh is? Is it using devices to repeat the same signal (i.e. one bigger network) instead of the former method of *adding* a further network?

    I have the same problem to solve at my mother's. She has the phone company router in a corner of the house, there are concrete steel walls and the signal get's only to half of the house. I had installed a power line many years ago- it goes from her bedroom (where the router is) to the living room (half way), where I installed a Netgear router.

    However, there are two Wi-fi in the home: the one in the bedroom and bathroom (phone company) and the other one from the Netgear router. The devices do not connect seamless to either network, they 'drag' and tend to hang to a single network while moving around the house (for example, when the iPad is taken from one section of the house to the bedroom).

    It is not a big house (75 sqm) but my grandpa decided to make it seismic proof even if we aren't in a seismic zone...