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  • PSG or MLS club that can afford him

    MLS have also a strict wage cap allowing a few players in one team to exceed a certain level. This is a system that should be employed in the EPL

  • I think both he and Ronaldo have reached an age where they become a burden for any club they join. Both still quality players, but both accustomed to massive wages. Even if Messi takes a pay cut to join another club, his wages would still be huge. Man City and PSG are maybe favourites to get him, two clubs with unlimited funds through oil money.

    However, while they can afford Messi, he will break any wage structure they have. So, for example, Man City pay Messi the £500,000 a week he probably wants (if not more) then suddenly De Bruyne, who has been their best player for years and recently signed a new contract, will be saying, "what about me?". I also think Messi makes Man City a worse team by joining them, as crazy as it sounds saying the best player of all-time makes a team worse.

    Then there's PSG, a club that paid over £150 million for Neymar and Mbappe. If they pay Messi the wages he wants, they will also need to increase whatever money those two are on.

    For me, he still stays with Barcelona.

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    Not that I care where he goes, frankly, but I think he'll stay at Barcelona.

    There could be any number of reasons for that - family, better the devil you know etc. On the other hand, how about a bit of adventure and a change of scenery? England or France? Does he speak any other language other than Spanish? Or is he a Tevez "Eez verry deefeecoult."


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    Tevez comes from a slum and it is a miracle he got that far in life. He is very kind and generous, and moreover humble.

    Messi moved to Spain as a teenager and had access to better education, but he doesn't seem interested to unlock the culture/access all the potential his status gives him. (unlike Ronaldo who always displays his latest gadgets, body, fine things he can enjoy).

    I always got the impression that many players of the Selección have little education and are not really different from my verdulero, except for the money.

    If you look at picture of Messi's house, there is no art and no taste, it is basically the better version of the average plain vanilla Argentinian home. When the gossip magazines talk bout Messi, Aguero, Lavezzi or Dybala in their spare time, they are the average Argentinian doing asado and drinking mate. As a comparison, rich people in Nordelta are more sophisticated, even if they are not as rich as those worldwide players and are stuck in Argentina.