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Heat Dome over Canada and NW United States

  • (We are feeling this heat in the center of the US too, but nothing compared to the usually cooler NW -)

    CANADA | North America has been hit by a “once in 10,000-year” heatwave, forcing Canadians and people in Oregon and Washington to cool off in unusual ways.

    A heat warning was issued after temperatures in Vancouver reached a record-breaking 47C. Thirty-four people died in the heat yesterday.

    The public has been told to call 911 only for emergencies because heat-related deaths have depleted frontline resources.

    Across the border, about a dozen deaths in Washington State and Oregon were also tied to the intense heatwave.

    People are cooling off by throwing themselves into fountains, diving off cliffs into lakes, and dunking their pets in cold baths.

    Power cables and freeways have buckled, Covid-19 testing centres and schools have been forced to close.

    The "heat dome" is caused when atmospheric pressure triggers a tall column of air that compresses and warms as it sinks.

    The sinking air acts as a cap and traps the heat which has already been absorbed by the land, like putting a lid on a saucepan. Click here for an in-depth explanation.

    Meteorologist Jeff Berardelli said: "Statistically speaking, there is a one in 10,000 chance of experiencing this."

    Scientists say that heat domes happen without climate change, but warming temperatures have made the situation much worse.

    The Telegraph, 30 June 2020

  • Portland, Oregon was 47.2 on Monday, translating to 117 F. A town northeast of Vancouver, Canada was 49 C, or 120 F.

    These temperatures would be unusually hot in Buenos Aires or Miami. And they are completely unheard of, ‘way north in the Pacific Northwest, which, while certainly not southern Patagonia, has temps similar to those in northern Patagonia.