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  • Don't look too harsh on yourself regarding the ban, there are snowflakes around who can't take another person's opinions without getting triggered.

    People have the right to an opinion, if they don't like it, tough. I'm not wanting any kind of dictatorship, online or in the real world

  • Don't look too harsh on yourself regarding the ban, there are snowflakes around who can't take another person's opinions without getting triggered.

    People have the right to an opinion, if they don't like it, tough. I'm not wanting any kind of dictatorship, online or in the real world

    I think I am coping. I wasn't offended or anything, I know the deal over there.

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    They finally put me out of my misery over on the other forum and dealt me the ban hammer. RIP Semigoodlookin 1.0

    Walk us through all the gory details please Semigoodlooking

    Was there a written warning, or if not, some kind of hint? Or did the Sword of Damocles fall like a bolt out of the blue?

    To the best of your knowledge, what do you think caused the banishment?

  • Splinter

    I think one post must have done the trick. No warning. The post has been removed, but it was in a thread about the situation here now that again descended into a fight about whether this is Alberto's fault or Macri's. I am unsure how Macri is at fault for the situation around the pandemic, but hey ho. I wrote roughly the following:

    "I don't care about Macri, I don't care about Alberto, I don't care about the U.S., Mexico, and I don't care about Bloomberg. The bias political fighting here is hilarious, from both sides. There are people on the forum who seem to like the smell of their own farts a little too much. Enough that they will fart all over the forum regulalry not realizing that what they are posting just smells like shit.

    The situation here now is dire. It is not about your political slant or trying to impose your bias views, the government in Captial and the federal government have handled this situation terribly. And the economic situation is terrible. Someone here said they don't see families/people begging on the streets but then admit they never leave recoleta, Palermo, and other middle class barrios. You don't have to go far to see people begging here. In fact, I only have to go to my doorstep because rarely a week goes by without someone knocking my door asking for money/food.

    Again, it seems many posters here think Argentina is six barrios in the center of Capital. I have said before I spend time in towns like Moreno, Caseros, etc, and I can say that the economic situation is dire, and worse than it was before. The government is in charge so they get the blame."

    And that is almost verbatim what I wrote aside from structure. Hardly a bannable post, but I am one of the critics of the CFK movement and that is increasingly frowned upon as there seems to be more sympathizers on the forum than before. Even so, this post was not really attacking CFK/Alberto. I only assume the post got reported by several people because their ego was hurt by me calling them out for their pretentious posts.

    It is also worth noting one of the Alberto sympathizers recently called another poster a piece of shit, a cunt, asshole, and all other stuff. Still posting happily to this day.

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    I see more people living in the street in Palermo Soho; most used to disappear during day light hiding their stuff somewhere for the day. But lately I have seen people simply sleeping on a mattress on the sidewalk all day. It is very cold and it is a hard life. You can hardly blame them for their situation as I don't think they like living on the street in the cold winter. On Saturday they ring our bell asking for stuff to give away. Last week I saw a father and a child, about 4-5 years old, going through the trash on our block. The little guy was wearing Croc-like shoes and NO SOCKS. It was heart wrenching. When I came back I saw a takeaway portion of food on the floor and a piece of plastic used as a scoop/food. Probably it was rancid and hence they left it there.

    When we go out to dine, we sit outside maybe 1 hour and there are at least 4 different people stopping by our table trying to sell us tissue or socks.

    If this is what I see in the rising areas of Palermo Soho, I can't imagine what it is out in the Province. The government doesn't seem to be concerned because they will simply challenge any data on increasing poverty, inflation, politicians' crime as part of the opposition smear campaign. It's sick!

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    From my experience over there, it seems that many who live in the trendy places think that anything beyond General Paz (the demarcation line between Prov and CABA) is bandit territory.

    I must be a bandit then!


  • Igor The Terrible.

    We’ll, Semigoodlooking , rest assured that you’re a valued member of THIS forum. And now that we’re on a thread about your forum name… I’ve always wondered about the origin of the name destined to bring on grins?

    It's just a line from a Van Halen song... "You know you're semi good lookin". David Lee Roth is known for his playful lyrics and I always liked that it was a kind of backhanded compliment. If you are semi good lookin, you are also semi ugly.

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    In most forums you would at the very least receive a warning, no matter how trivial the alleged 'offence' may be. But no, over in the Soviet ghetto you're banished to the Gulags by the thought police for even thinking alternatively.

    I was banned from three FB groups run by Argentinians with no warning whatsoever. When I tried to get some explanation through a mutual friend with the admin, I was told that I kept breaking a rule (about not posting job ads) despite the admin kept posting the rules (without tagging me or telling me to be more careful).

    The job ad was for English speakers at the Douglas Tompkins' reserve 'El Rincón del Socorro' in Corrientes. My only intention was to inform about an extraordinary work opportunity for English native speakers in Argentina. I was very pissed because I had no interest in posting it, obviously, but the admin didn't see/care to see my good intentions. The job ad posts also received several likes from group members and they tagged friends who might be interested.

    The second ban was from an Argentinian translators' group. The admin decided that everybody should post with their real name. But we were also posting about rates and bad experience with service providers (who also lurk these groups) and a girl reported she was fired because thanks to the group she realized she was being taken advantage of (she had just arrived from Venezuela, so she wasn't current on the rates paid in Argentina) and wanted to discuss rates with the Argentinian translator company that was sending her work. Apparently, someone from the same agency saw her post where she said she was getting paid. by company X so and so, and the other members told her that was exploiting. I posted in support of using pseudo quoting that situation and that you can never know if a client will join the group where there are discussions about rates and experience. I was immediately banned with no explanation given.

    I then hunted down the admin's website and used his contact form to request he removes my content in the FB group. I still own it and I no longer want to have it available on his group since I cannot benefit for the group, so I don't want the group to benefit of my contributions (extensive posts with advices on marketing and rates for translations). He said it was too much work because it had to be done individually etc. Well, I told him to let me in for a day and I would do the "housecleaning". He said no and that he will try to delete some if he has time. In the US, you could suit someone acting like this. In Argentina, you suck it up. But that was when I stopped collaborating with Argentinians at all. Again, I was contributing to a healthy discussion, instead I found another prick admin.

    The third ban was on a FB group on Argentinians applying for citizenship in Italy - the admin couldn't really overcome that I work in this field, not even if I never (EVER) offered my service. Instead, I was just offering advice. But she didn't see I was giving more than I was getting. They hate people earning money in Argentina.

    The common thread is that none of these people were even reachable nor open to discuss or respect my desire to remove my content in a group. Very childish, immoral and not legal elsewhere.

    Also when I was banned on the other forum I was doing a good action: a lady said his brother went missing in BA and asked for help. I suggested her to post on FB expats group because there are more members who check FB more often than a forum. Apparently posting a link to another expat venue was a big no, even if it was for a good cause.