Women vs men

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    There are certain sports where men clearly have an advantage, mainly due to physical attributes and of course, ideas have changed since the old days.

    Take chess for example. Why would a man consider that a woman wouldn't be up to the challenge? It has a lot to do with machismo of course and anyone who has seen The Queen's Gambit will enjoy the tables being turned. I certainly did.

    Here we have a Hungarian girl beating Garry Kasparov who, before the match had said that well, she's only a woman...


  • I personally don't think Chess is a sport. Not denigrating her win over Kasparov or the fact she's a woman at all, just my personal opinion. I think any woman can beat me at chess, I'm absolutely useless at the game, I just don't have the patience to play it

  • Even in chess there is a clear difference between men and women, just looking at ELO ratings shows this. However, I think this is a question of interest and access over brain power or anything like that. Women were simply kept outside the professional chess realm and still are to some degree. As it was very much a mans world, there was less interest from girls (chess is a young persons game) to take it up. This is slowly changing but I don't think we will see an equal level of skill for at least over a decade.

  • Most of the ranking tables that I've seen don't indicate the gender of the players.




    They don't. Clue is in their names, though. Top 80 are all men.

    I don't know if you play chess. I do, and even a 30-50 elo difference at that level is quite big. So, for example the best male player is around 200 points higher than the top female. That is a massive gap and essentially means Carlsen would be able to beat Yifan every time, 100 out of 100. Within the 200 points difference you have around 80 other male GMs who outrank the top female. It is that way with blitz, bullet, rapid, classic, and other time controls.

    Again, I want to make it clear I don't see this as anything to do with gender and/or skill etc. This, for me, comes purely from access and interest. It is changing and will change, but will take time.