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A friend in Florida was invited to see how a local business works

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    American funerals are one of a kind. Never been to one, but from movies it seems a pretty big business.

    When my grandfather died, after the burial at the cemetery, we invited close family at my grandfather's to have a snack. This was because some relatives were traveling from afar. Many declined because they prefer to head back home during daylight.

    Overall, it wasn't a bad idea because it provided some distraction on a sad day. There was no catering like in the US, we simply ordered some sweet and savory snacks for a cold buffet. We also don't embalm people so there is no open casket, which in movies seems to offer plenty

    of material to develop further the story.

    Those who want to see the deceased, can do so before the funeral.

  • Irish / Scottish funerals are real social events. Quite a lot of planning goes into them and you have to be really switched on to decide how many get invited for the "do" afterwards.

    You can cause some long-lasting problems if you forget to invite old Auntie Jeannie...

    Years ago the event was held at home but in the last 30/40 years, a room was booked at a local hotel or pub.

    It is very much a celebration of the life of the deceased and it is an occasion to get in contact with family you haven't seen in a while.

    During the pandemia, these events were very much restricted. I would imagine that they will be getting back to normal. But I don't really want to find out firsthand.