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Searching posting history of 'suspended/banned members?

  • Anyone remember JAN? Before he disappeared off the forum he made several breaking news type posts regarding the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus. IIRC it was well before news of the virus had become common knowlege around the world. For some reason I'm unable to do a search of his old posts. Any idea why?

  • He isn't banned or suspended. He decided to leave. I have seen his posts around I think but never actively searched for them.

    But yeah, he was taking the virus seriously as potential for pandemic when everyone was, well, not.

    It is actually interesting to go back to Janaury and February last year to see how everyone was viewing the brewing COVID situation.

  • He was arguing in just one thread, mostly about Trump. There was also some debate about Google I think. Anyway, he basically took his football and went home. A little childish, but it is his life and he hasn't been back, so I guess he made the best choice for himself.

  • Jan certainly feared a pandemic well before any of our governments took the virus seriously, especially the US and UK. In early April 2020, in fact, after the virus had become a flaming inferno, Mr. trump was still saying it was just a flu that would disappear, and “churches would be filled by Easter.”

    Without even returning to the covid thread, I remember buying into trump’s rhetoric and being convinced that this would be contained. I thought Jan was being alarmist - - and absent any presented facts, assumed he was getting his info from dubious sources. Perhaps he was. But just as a broken clock is right twice a day, he certainly hit the jackpot by being alarmist when it turned out there was great cause for alarm.