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This government is lurching even further to the left

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    Abstaining from condemning the political persecution in Nicaragua, giving full support to Venezuela's Maduro, aligning with China, Russia, Iran and Mexico, one has to wonder where the country is headed.

    You can't buy dollars on the official market which pushes people to the black market, foreign use of a credit card is subject a 65% tax which you can never get back, door to door imports are a joke and anything imported is taxed to the hilt anyway. I haven't even mentioned ~50% inflation all the rest of the corruption crap...

    The president won't go to Pergamino (big farming area) because he's scared of the inevitable protests about export controls, while Cristina stirs her wicked brew in the background, not to mention the government's blatant aggression of words over the Falkland Islands, which they optimistically like to refer to as the Malvinas.

    For me, it's just another one of those days when I despair of this country quite frankly.

  • I don't like to say this is a movement to the left, just like I don't like to say Nazisim is right. They are beyond the norms of either political orientation and are simply extremists.

    I think our society does itself a disservice by labelling these extremists within the standard political spectrum. It makes it easy for us to say that a conservative with right-sided views is a Nazi and that liberal pushing a leftist viewpoint is a Marxist commy. It is part of the reason why dialog between the left and the right has broken down. I am a proponent of the horseshoe theory in politics, at least in principle.

    The way I see it, I am left leaning and I do not associate myself with the viewpoints of the Argentine government.

    But yeah, this government is pushing themselves further into an abyss of extremism. I called this early last year and I take not much pleasure (but some) in being correct. My prediction that Argentina could be Venezuela in 5-10 years doesn't look so radical now.