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Copa America 2021

  • What a bloody mess...

    Colombia and Argentina were due to co-host this tournament next month

    A few days ago Colombia stepped aside due to increasing social unrest and low rates of vaccination against Covid19.

    Last night the Argentine government also withdrew given the high numbers of infections and criticism that schools were to be closed but that football could go ahead.

    So what does Conmebol, the governing body, do?

    Give it to Brazil.

    They clearly didn't see the demos at the weekend against Bolsonaro and cant read the newspapers that detail the number of cases and deaths the virus has caused.

    What a bunch of lunatiCS......

    • Official Post

    Well, there is money to be made, at least for TV rights, so someone will surely grab a piece of the cake.

    I think cancelling it is the most sensible thing to do, but not very practical since other sports have resumed and if the players actually isolated themselves, they could really ensure a cover-free tournament. Instead, I strongly suspect that the Sunday asado is still strong... that's where they get exposed, and the cascade resumes!