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Did Covid 19 escape from a lab?

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    I believe it did because this is not the first time we've had virus infections from China - MERS and SARS both came from there - and now this theory is is beginning gain more traction.

    Even President Biden and Dr Fauci are beginning to question whether it arrived from natural sources.…n-lab-here-s-what-we-know

  • Never a doubt in my mind that it came from a lab.

    But a Chinese lab or was it planted there by someone else?

    Still came from the Chinese lab even if it was planted there.

    I suppose the question is whether it was meant to be released or not? They have far worse things in labs, some we know about others we do not, so if COVID-19 was released on purpose, why? Did those who released it (let's say the Chinese) think it would do more damage in terms of deaths? There is no way they could have predicted the general global situation through the pandemic as an influence on releasing on purpose.

    For me, it seems like it was leaked on accident.

  • In the US, whether the virus originated with a wild animal or escaped from - or was released from - a lab is another dividing line between the people who want to get to the truth, no matter what, and the people who want to blame China, no matter what.

    Let’s hope that the increased scrutiny will uncover the facts.

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    Some interesting snippets from the BBC report:


    The laboratory theory has received increased public attention in the US amid recent reports attributed to intelligence sources that say three members of the Wuhan Institute of Virology were admitted to hospital in November 2019, several weeks before China acknowledged the first case of the new disease in the community.


    There are also plenty of precedents for lab leaks in which researchers get accidentally infected by the virus they're working on. The Wuhan outbreak happens to be on the doorstep of the world's leading laboratory for the collection, study and experimentation on bat coronaviruses.

  • Science trains us not to jump on an idea or a theory but to wait for the facts. We may be waiting for a long time, but we just don’t yet have any facts. It will be interesting if/when facts are determined, to learn what happened and why.

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    There are several factors that play against China:

    1) Historically, they do not have a great reputation for honesty, integrity, human rights, hygiene, food, animal care, free information etc.

    2) They didn't let the WHO commissioners in when they went for a survey/study.

    3) They were very quick to act and closed (with nails) people in their houses. So it seemed they became well aware of what was happening sooner than anybody else. In Europe they were still trying to decide if a virus was there or not and if business meetings and fairs should be called off...

    4) They suddenly announced they had a consistent drop in cases, and ever since it seemed like a drill at home, while the rest of the world is in shambles with thousands of deaths even in those countries with the most advanced facilities and scientists.

    Accidental leaks and infection of lab personnel happened and will happen. However, it never assumed the scale this virus has reached.