Are good domains all taken?

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    I would like to register a new domain for my business and I have been trying several options.

    I am searching with GoDaddy

    and then on ICANN to find out who owns them ( - 90% of the time they belong to societies with address in the Cayman Island and they are just registered for resale. I refuse to spend thousands of USD for a domain.

    Some are not for sale but up for an offer, that starts at $69 upward, plus the broker fee.

    Some are very cool and valued, so are sold by the thousands. They are the so called premium domains. I think in this case it is the domain provider that sets the price.

    Inspired by the Argentinean guy who owned for a split second, I wanted to see if there is a way to backorder an expiring domain on

    I have one domain in mind that is expiring on June 6 and the minimum proxy offer is $69 (at least with NameJet... there are several auction websites listing the same domain for different prices)

    I am open to spend $69, although I could get the same domain for $0.42 by adding an hyphen between the two words it is made of.

    I feel stupid even to write it. Has anybody any knowledge of domain bidding and domain worth? Is it really that important the domain name?

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    It also depends on the extension. Dot coms seem to be more expensive which is why I chose dot org for this site. On the other hand, a site I set up recently just for fun has a dot online extension, so I expect it depends what's important to you.

    I bought most of my domains through GoDaddy and all at very reasonable prices. Let me know if you need a hand serafina .

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    I have bought my domains through Namecheap (I have used 1&1 in the past, as well). I think I had at some point, but Namecheap chat support is outstanding, so even if there may be a $1-2 difference, I'd rather keep all my eggs in one basket (for once!).

    I have made an offer (or so I think) through for $69 on the domain of my interest, whereas has a min $199 offer, plus 10% for their commission.

    Splinter , do you think that a generic domain with relevant keywords is better than an unique name?

    And do you know how not to loose the google positioning I have obtained with my older domain when migrating to the new domain?

    My current domain is in Spanish and it is 5 or 6 years old. It does very well on Google, but I think it may put off English-speaking customers. Hence, I'd like to register an domain in English.