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  • That's great. I am curious if it is fairly easy to enroll kids in private schools. We would like to travel to Argentina for the winter semester if the borders open up. We took our son through Colombia & Mexico 2 years ago and it was super easy to enroll in schools. Also, there were a lot of private all spanish schools that catered to locals and so the prices weren't as expensive as the typical British or American international English schools. Have you had any experiences with this? Thanks for your feedback in advance.

  • Actually, after I sent you the message I realized the schedule is probably the opposite of ours. It looks like the school break is the middle of December through the middle of February. So that might be a challenge.

    Although we are primarily interested in immersing our son in Spanish, so maybe a summer camp might be a good option.

    We are looking at BA or Cordoba so far because we have friends there, but not confirmed. What are your favorite cities in Argentina our of curiosity?

  • Most of the mid-range private schools are charging between 30,000 and 40,000 pesos for full-day tuition - normally half a day in Spanish and half a day in English. use 95 to calculate for the official rate and 152 for the grey market rate. Schools will expect to debit to your bank account but you can pay a deposit into their account, which would allow you to take advantage of the blue rate.

    Some are more expensive and some are cheaper - but I think the price range is indicative of decent schools

    Summer camps tend to be based at gyms or sports clubs or some gated communities will have them for residents in their communities

    We live in Escobar, about 60kms north of the capital - apart from living in the capital itself, we haven't lived anywhere else.

    Have you sorted your accommodation out or are you still looking?

    Larger hotels and apartment complexes on the Atlantic coast will have some sort of camp for the kids staying there in January and February - should be included in the price. But again these camps will depend on actual sanitary conditions in the country at that time .

  • Thanks for all the information. Super helpful.

    No we haven't decided yet, mainly because I have no idea when Argentina will let non-nationals in again. So we are hoping in the next six months or so depending on how things open up. Maybe they will let vaccinated travelers in first...

  • I can’t help with the kids question, PCLocal , but can tell you that Cordoba is a lovely city surrounded by beautiful countryside, mountains, small towns. If you’ll be driving to see other parts of Argentina, it’s a good base. (If you’re flying, BsAs is the only hub, so you’d be routed east through BsAs even if your destination is west of Córdoba.)

    BsAs has an incomparable variety of museums, concerts (many if not most are absolutely free), cultural events, beautiful architecture, restaurants, etc., and it has the excitement and energy that go along with a capital city. In 30 minutes you can be at the international airport (Ezeiza), and in less time than that, you can get to the local airport (Jorge Newberry, called ‘Aeroparque’) for nonstop flights all over Argentina and to Uruguay and other nearby countries, depending on pandemic border closures.

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    I agree with @UK_man. We had 218 days of quarantine last year, and we currently have a curfew from 8 PM to 6 AM, prohibition from gathering socially indoor and restaurants are open only for lunch with outdoor seating. Traveling to other provinces is subject to that province's health requirement (ranging from a self declaration to a PCR test). We are approaching winter and things will get worse before they get better.

    Vaccination rates here are still low (16% of population had the 1st dose, and only 2,6% has had the second dose). Plus, the most use vaccine is the Sputnik, which showed alarming data when sampled in Brazil.

    In any case (I don't want to discuss the Brazilian 'accusations' against the Sputnik), this doesn't look like the year to come down to socialize with locals to improve your Spanish.

  • Rice Thank you for your feedback. Both cities sounds awesome, hence the desire to visit friends & Argentina. I have continually heard about the unmatched culture and variety. UK Man & serafina Thanks for the feedback. I will probably wait and see. My guess is we couldn't even buy a flight unless the border opens up. For Argentina, I hope things get brighter this next Argentinian summer.