Gun violence

  • I’m always grateful that Argentina doesn’t have more guns than people, unlike its neighbor to the north.

    Nick Allen

    By Nick Allen,


    If you want to know why it seems people are always getting shot by police in the United States, consider this.

    The US has more guns than people. There are 120 guns for every 100 citizens.

    In the global league table that’s over double the runner-up, Yemen.

    Of all the guns in civilian hands around the world, Americans own about 50 per cent of them.

    The Telegraph, April 22, 2021


  • I was sitting on my sofa yesterday with the window open but the shutter down halfway. Me and my wife heard some random shouting so went to the window to look. There were three guys outside with hand guns, so obviously I shut the shutter and window sharpish. I then went to my son's bedroom to do the same and I saw the three guys run past. I looked out my son's window and there were about 7 cops with their guns drawn running after them.

    It seems the kiosko four doors away from my house was robbed. I have no idea how the police got there in such numbers, but I am guessing the criminals entered the Kiosko and were in there for some time and the woman triggered some kind of alarm or someone called the police from outside. Anyway, pretty dramatic stuff and the police were around all day. Funny thing is, from what I am told they didn't catch any of them despite literally chasing about 5 meters behind them.

    Another funny thing the police were chasing with guns drawn and I could hear them shouting stuff like "kill them" haha. I had to do the rounds as it was kicking off closing all doors and windows upstairs so didn't catch all their conversations. Just a few months ago a family friend found someone on her terrace hiding from the police, so my wife insisted I go up and check.

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    You were right to keep your head down because when the bullets start flying the police are all guns blazing.

    A similar thing happened to me me a few years back in Olivos. I heard gunfire outside the house, looked over the gate and about a dozen policemen were taking potshots with double barrelled guns at an escaping person. They were shooting everywhere, inside people's gardens, over the fences and didn't even bother to close off the street.

    I could even smell the cordite at which point I went inside and made a cup of tea.

  • Meanwhile out in the sticks a young policewoman knocked on my car window to ask me if the pair of pliers she found outside the MIL's house were known to me. I accepted them and thanked her. I'd never seen them before but assumed they belonged to the chap who had been painting the MIL's kerb blue. That's to stop selfish car drivers parking outside her door despite the disabled signs telling them not to.