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    Due to a technical issue, I have switched computer with my husband and I am now working on his 27" iMac and he is working on my 21" iMac. His computer is older and the graphic card failed, so it was fixed but the tech guy soldering it said to avoid resource-demanding applications (such as Music softwares). I only do document processing so it should be fine, at least for a while. I have never worked on a screen so large and I can keep many windows open at the same time without having to bend.

    My husband is surprised by the power of my iMac 21" - he thought it wouldn't handle is Music softwares. Should he need a new computer, the tech guy recommended he gets a a Hackintosh.

    I remember before buying my first used macbook that I tried to build a Hackintosh but the OS was not working on my machine. Basically, it is a Mac OS working on a computer assembled with non-Apple components. The cost for a top notch Hackintosh is around 1200 USD (160,000 ARS) at the moment.

    There are several for sale also on Mercadolibre. They are for people doing graphic, video editing, music, cinema etc.

    The screen should be bought aside. I am not sure what's the screen offer in Argentina and if there is any screen comparable to a Retina screen by Apple.

    Anybody has a screen they would recommend?

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    I don't have any experience in Hackintosh, but I do know that an Intel based system can be bought for considerably less. AMD based Hackintoshes are very tricky in spite of being cheaper.

    And excuse my scepticism, but I would be wary of buying a Hackintosh on ML. I would research the specs required, buy the hardware and then find someone to hack it.


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    His Apple technician custom builds them for his clients. Apparently, his lab is the cemetery of old Macs and he is pushing Hackintosh. Very wise of him. He also had one for display and my husband said it has the same look and feel, however you have a standard computer case and an external display that take more space and are less nice to the eye.