That's it , we are all stuck here!! No more international flights for a while

  • It's not just Mexico, Brazil and Chile

    Everything to all other countries:wt-hell: cancelled until further notice

    From Monday......

    I got the above from a friend at Eze - now there is another rumor saying that flights are just being reprogrammed to meet the new protocols.

  • It was to be expected, imho. I think we will face another lockdown. It looks like the Government likes this kind of things and marches, which have been abused for years, are ineffective.

  • Yesterday, my mother sent me a video of an Italian journalist coming back to Italy from Brazil, via Paris. Sat in the next row there were two Italian entrepreneurs who still travel to Brazil twice a month, without ever quarantining in either country.

    With a European passport, in Paris they aren't asked for anything. They remove the ticket that say they are coming from Brazil and go on to board their plane to Italy. When arriving in Italy, they are asked where they come from: Paris.

    Nobody ever asked them a PCR test or anything.

    So the journalist creates a vlog of his travel and it was business as usual. It made me feel more relaxed about traveling internationally, knowing I won't be asked anything.

    If anybody is interested, this is the link:

    Unfortunately, the media content can not be displayed. The content is no longer available or access is blocked.

  • Very strange story. I’m surprised the link is no longer available.

    The link is working and the video is available, but you have to copy-paste it in your URL bar. It is not recognized as valid from this forum. I tried several stuff and the only way to post it was as code.

  • Ah - thank you. It did open when I pasted the URL. It really bothers me to read about people outsmarting the measures put in place to try and stem the tide of this pandemic. Have we become a world full of people who care only for ourselves?

  • Hey All -

    Are there any government sources that have announced a potential border opening? Or is it just rumor or maybe evolving based on infections...

    On another expat page, someone mentioned November. However, that could just be speculation.