That's it , we are all stuck here!! No more international flights for a while

  • It's not just Mexico, Brazil and Chile

    Everything to all other countries:wt-hell: cancelled until further notice

    From Monday......

    I got the above from a friend at Eze - now there is another rumor saying that flights are just being reprogrammed to meet the new protocols.

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    Yesterday, my mother sent me a video of an Italian journalist coming back to Italy from Brazil, via Paris. Sat in the next row there were two Italian entrepreneurs who still travel to Brazil twice a month, without ever quarantining in either country.

    With a European passport, in Paris they aren't asked for anything. They remove the ticket that say they are coming from Brazil and go on to board their plane to Italy. When arriving in Italy, they are asked where they come from: Paris.

    Nobody ever asked them a PCR test or anything.

    So the journalist creates a vlog of his travel and it was business as usual. It made me feel more relaxed about traveling internationally, knowing I won't be asked anything.

    If anybody is interested, this is the link:

  • Ah - thank you. It did open when I pasted the URL. It really bothers me to read about people outsmarting the measures put in place to try and stem the tide of this pandemic. Have we become a world full of people who care only for ourselves?

  • Hey All -

    Are there any government sources that have announced a potential border opening? Or is it just rumor or maybe evolving based on infections...

    On another expat page, someone mentioned November. However, that could just be speculation.

  • The government announced further restrictions to international flights last night.

    Only 600 international passengers will be allowed into Ezeiza each day. This is down from just around 2,000. So that looks like 2 or 3 flights a day.

    Domestic flights are not affected at the moment.

    Details are still coming out but I imagine fuller details will be published this morning

    If you travel out of the country, it looks like you will be delayed in getting a return flight.

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    If you travel out of the country, it looks like you will be delayed in getting a return flight.

    Ahem...I was saying yesterday that today we'd wake up and it would be a done deal. It seems now the mandatory hotel-stay is only for positive passengers. And there will be differences between people from CABA and provincia. What about the rest of the country?!

    En principio, si el pasajero da positivo de coronavirus deberá cumplir la disposición en uno de los seis hoteles dispuestos y preparados especialmente por el distrito a tales fines: Presidente, Cyan Tower, Ibis Obelisco, Sheltown, Two y Argentino. Hasta esta mañana, la administración porteña no había determinado si, como indica el DNU, la estadía será costeada por los contagiados o, como hasta ahora, estará a cargo de la Ciudad. Será uno de los temas a debatir durante las reuniones definitorias de los próximos días.

    Por otra parte, si el pasajero da negativo podrá llevar adelante el aislamiento en su domicilio particular.
    [...] En el caso de la provincia de Buenos Aires, se informó que tanto pasajeros con resultados negativos como infectados podrán cumplir el aislamiento en sus domicilios. En el segundo escenario, recordaron que el gobierno se encargará de evaluar la muestra para determinar si se trata de la nueva variante Delta.

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    I'd like to know what their end game is, because flights to/from Ezeiza are now down from 155 to 3 and only 600 people a day are allowed to arrive.

    Furthermore, many airlines have simply given up with Argentina and will find it increasingly difficult to return here. This situation really stinks and I'm pretty sure there's a populist plan here, with Aerolineas Argentinas being the beneficiary.

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    It's been three days and we've gone from 10-day mandatory stay for anybody, to 7-day mandatory stay for positives from CABA and home-stay for the Province of BsAs (usual Axel vs. Larreta shit hitting the fan), to 4-day mandatory stay at a hotel for everybody, plus 3 at home.

    I can't say I wouldn't enjoy staying a little longer in European summer, but I am not enjoying it since I don't know when/if/how I will be able to return. My husband is telling me to calm and relax as things will go away in two weeks. I think two many things have happened in just 4 days and they are for real. This government is wearing me out, it's like rubbing salts on wound: only makes it worse.

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    Yes, I have a return ticket with the lowest fare, non-refundable and all that jazz. It was booked through an Italian travel agency, courtesy of my dad.

    When booking directly with KLM, they allow you to change your ticket once at no cost (except the ticket fare difference). But when you have used a travel agent, you should go through the same travel agent.

    It is too soon to worry but it won't be easy to deal with a travel agent that works during office hours and is partially in the office due to covid.

    I don't mind staying a little longer because I am stuck with bureaucratic stuff and it is taking longer than expected because it is all by appointment, and appointment are given by phone calling a number that is available only on certain days/times... Awwww!

  • I think Splinter is absolutely right: since your return plans are weeks away, if you can relax and enjoy the moment, having fun being in Italy, that’s the best. The Rules in Argentina May we’ll change another half dozen or more times by the time you’re ready to return. Have a gelato!