Garmin Nüvi 250

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    My husband dug up an ancient Garmin Nüvi 250W from her sister's apartment. It works and I have installed the most recent update. Now it prompts me to buy newer maps, but the only options are for North America. Perhaps it was bought in the US and hence it is limited to NA. Anyway, I see on ML that they sell the South America map for 350 ARS. I understand this is likely a pirated map I can find for free on the internet.

    I am not sure if a GPS navigator has still a place in this world, to be honest. Does it has live traffic? We are using our cell phone to navigate and I'd be curious to hear if you are still using a GPS navigator. Perhaps I should simply try to sell it on ML, provided it has still a market.

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    I use a Garmin on the bike, simply because it has a big screen and would be much cheaper to replace if was stolen. You don't get live traffic and it's not quite as accurate as Google Maps, which does have life traffic, just like Waze which many people prefer.

    Frankly, I'd sell it om ML for a round $4000 and carry on with using a cell phone. Having said that, I do know a GPS shop in Olivos that would probably install the maps for you.