Maia - 7 years old, has been found alive and well in Lujan

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    The little girl was apparently taken from her mother in Parque Avellaneda by a cartonero who put her in a carboard box on the back of his bicycle, eventually ending up in Lujan.

    Much of their movements were caught on CCTV while a massive search operation involving thousands of police and other units was put in place, with Sergio Berni leading the effort.

    She was only found due to a woman in Lujan who spotted them and the bicycle and then called the police. It's also been revealed that the cartonero was given permission by the little girl's mother for her to be taken away.

    It's a bizarre event, but I'm sure we are all pleased that the girl is safe and well. It could have ended very differently and the mother has some very serious questions to answer.