COVID-19 vaccine

  • Of utmost importance to the world’s fight against covid-19 is making sure that all countries in the world have access to enough serum to vaccinate their people. Work is already being done on that front:

    [From the NYT today, 12 March 2021]

    The U.S. will partner with Japan, India and Australia to expand global vaccine supply.

    The Biden administration, under intense pressure to donate excess coronavirus vaccines to needy nations, is moving to address the global shortage in another way: by partnering with Japan, India and Australia to finance a dramatic expansion of the vaccine manufacturing capacity....

    As part of the deal, President Biden pledged financial support to a major Indian manufacturer, which would expand global manufacturing capacity by at least one billion doses in 2022....

    The agreement was announced Friday at the Quad Summit, a virtual meeting between the heads of state of those four countries, which President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris attended Friday morning. The goal, senior administration officials said, is to address an acute vaccine shortage in Southeast Asia, which in turn will boost worldwide supply....

    The financing agreement the administration will unveil at Friday’s Quad Summit is aimed at creating capacity to make and deliver as many as an additional billion doses in 2022 to support global demand, the officials said....

    The administration has recently been in talks with international partners, including those backing a World Health Organization vaccine program, known as Covax, about various ways to boost global vaccine supply, including by paying for companies to manufacture more doses that can then be released overseas, ....

  • The Times, 18 March, 2021:

    “Under-50s in Britain will have to wait longer for their coronavirus jab after the NHS warned last night of a four-week supply drought. Vaccine centres have also been told to halt any bookings of new appointments for next month.

    Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, has suggested that the EU is acting like a dictatorshipafter it threatened to use emergency powers to grab "Europe's fair share" of vaccines from Britain.”

    I’m just wondering how the EU can use “emergency powers” to force the UK to send more vaccine?

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    What a bunch, ffs.

    Fernandez is not allowing vaccines to be acquired privately, ie. with your medical plan etc. We all know the real reason for this, which is that they don't want to share the pie of their corruption.

    And so the president of Peronia is now the top authority on Covid vaccinations. Yeah, right. :oops:…zo-la-compra-de-privados/