Harry and Meghan spill the beans

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    The Oprah interview was aired last night in the US in a two hour special (with an hour's worth of commercials) and will be on ITV in the UK tonight.

    Some are saying that this could be a devastating blow to the Royal family, similar to Martin Bashir's interview with Diana and Edward VIII's abdication. I wouldn't go that far, but I do feel that they are putting the knife in and twisting it, especially now that the couple is profiting off the titles they were given - Netflix, Spotify and whatever fee they were paid for this interview.

    If Meghan feels this badly, why doesn't she hand back her Duchess title? Same for Harry, so they both become commoners like you and me?

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    Perhaps they can't, they would need the Queen's approval also to 'resign'. I have read the article on LN about the interview and it was strong (considering how discreet is the Royal House on their family affairs). What Harry said (that his father and brother are 'prisoner' of this circus) made the Royal Family look like scientology.

    Allegedly, Harry and Megan were not compensated for this interview but it is a marketing operation since they have to maintain their expensive lifestyle for themselves now.

  • Don't care about the royal family, get rid of it. Still, can't stand these two. Annoying and whining the pair of them. I wonder how long it will take for people offering them deals (Spotify and Netflix) to realize ultimately they are two moderately (at best) talented people. I mean, she was hardly on the fast track to acting success before meeting him, and he was hardly known for being a beacon of common sense. I think they are both chancers. Yet somehow we are to believe they will be making amazing content in the near future?

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    Yet somehow we are to believe they will be making amazing content in the near future?

    Well, they got us (self proclaimed uninterested people) to comment on this thread, so I guess those interested will have something to talk about for a long while.

    I don't like them particularly. They seem so naive and stupid. He is more stupid than her, imho. She seems to have an agenda, whereas he has a lot more to lose but he is following her blindly.

  • Among staff at the Palace, he is apparently called “the hostage.”

    We watched the interview, and must say that neither the accusers nor the accused came across very well.

  • Yeah, shit show all around by the looks of it. It's hardly a surprise a royal family is run like some kind of mafia. It's not a surprise that Harry seems dim-witted and easily led. It's not a surprise that an actress who has seemingly built her life on stepping on others and discarding them is playing her latest role.

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    We watched a fair bit last night and it was when she talked about Kate making her cry and the tabloids wrongly saying that she had made Kate cry that I wondered what the fuck I was watching.

    Who cares anyway?

    In the end, this interview will come back to haunt them in the same way as Andrew's practically wrote him off.

    Their bridges are well and truly burnt now and frankly all this wasn't necessary at all.

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    Strong implication was that the member of the royal family who asked about the skin color of the unborn baby, might have been the future king. Not good.

    But who is even the slightest bit surprised by this? I'm not and I'm pretty sure the Royal family were shitting bricks about the possibility of Diana marrying Dodi Fayed, a muslim.

    I believe the Palace will shrug this off as no more than an irritation and carry on as it has always done. It's a closed shop, or as Graucho Marks once said "I refuse to join a club that would have me as a member."

    Furthermore, Meghan is being a little disingenuous here:


    But she went on to say that she had been told when she was pregnant that "they want to change the convention for Archie" so he would not become a prince.

    When in fact...


    The children of Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, children would have to wait until Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, became king, at which point they would be the grandchildren of the monarch and hence entitled to be princes or princesses.


  • That wasn’t her only disingenuous moment. We were on the floor when she said that she hadn’t done any research on the royal family. Huh??? And that she didn’t know that she would be expected to curtsy to the Queen?

  • Buckingham Palace has released a statement on behalf of the Queen.

    The statement says

    “The whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan.

    "The issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning. Whilst some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately.

    "Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members."

  • She hasn't said who asked "What is the colour of skin of Archie?", So, I am taking every word she says with a huge pinch of salt

    I don't believe going for a President is going to solve anything, even if it was ceremonial. Constant elections to elect a new president just isn't what I want

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    That wasn’t her only disingenuous moment. We were on the floor when she said that she hadn’t done any research on the royal family. Huh??? And that she didn’t know that she would be expected to curtsy to the Queen?

    Her half-sister claims Megan was obsessed with the Royal Family since an early age and had in her plans to seduce Harry since many years.

    I always thought of Megan's father and sister as white trash seeking attention, but reading the interview with the sister, things don't play in favour of Megan. She accused her sister to change her surname to Markle when she (Megan) started going out with Harry, whereas the sister showed that her name change order dates back to 1997 and that her diploma indicates she is a Markle.

    And even if Megan did have a plan, how come now she is pushing herself and Harry out of the Monarchy?

  • Good riddance to Morgan, who has repeatedly shown that he is that very unappealing combination of thin-skinned bully.

    While heaping ridicule on Meghan Markle, he really stepped over a line when he questioned her having had emotional problems and suicidal thoughts.

  • The difference with Piers Morgan is he left the show. Some of his defenders claim he is another victim of cancel culture, which isn't the case. Morgan is saying he won't be silenced when it was he who walked off the show and then quit, effectively silencing himself. Such a smug twat anyway but I do sometimes enjoy him winding up woke people.