Using social media to shame others?

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    Last night we had a heated discussion about a a girl who alleges on social media that she was sexually compromised by a boy she had met one night after she had agreed to sleep over at his place because it was late. Apparently he had crept into the room where she was sleeping and touched her, but I don't know any more details.

    She posted this almost instantly on Instagram and it quickly found its way to his employer who has now suspended him, even though the alleged incident did not involve co-employees (she has nothing to do with where he works) and it took place nowhere near his place of work.

    My initial response was that I don't believe a private matter such as this should initially be made public on social media, at least until the 'accused' could answer for himself. The consequences are all too clear. It seems to me that the slightest digression, whatever form that may take, even if it is a false accusation, can cost very dearly.

    The millennial inn our household vehemently disagreed with me saying, "That's the way we do things nowadays." To which I replied, "What if the accusation was either false or over exaggerated?"

    "He should be shamed!", he replied, and so it went on.

    What do others think?

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    These are very strong accusations and this guy's reputation has been stained forever, regardless of what he did or did not. Some people are attention seekers and make up stuff, especially stuff involving hot topics (racial discrimination, violence against women, LGBT+ issues).

    I am surprised about the reply you got, Splinter. Basically, he said the guy hasn't the right to defend himself

    A friend's son, about the same age of your millennial relative, got very uncomfortable at his private Argentinian university because - he said - female students were very powerful and always looking to pick up a socially-correct fight. He always had to measure words and was afraid to be called out on something. I think he changed program, afterwards.

    While I recognize that we got use to sexism and unfair language/commentaries, making people feel uncomfortable is not acceptable, either way.

  • I’d guess that young woman never gave a second thought before posting this very private reaction because an alarming number of people use social media not just to report on their lives, but to actually live their lives, through responses they receive.

  • There's so much shit posted on social media I find it hard to take anything the general public post too seriously.

    I made a comment on a forum this week about me picking grapes from our vine. I happened to mention our dogs loved to eat the dropped ones off the floor. Two replies came in that the dogs would become very ill or dead within hours as grapes are highly poisonous to dogs and even eating one could lead to death. Needless to say despite eating windfall grapes for years all our dogs are still alive and kicking.,

    So I did a bit of research on the subject. The searches returned were mostly full of the general public posting messages on social media spouting the same nonsense. The few serious articles said that there were no fully confirmed cases of any dogs having died through eating grapes. :rolleyes:

  • 2500 pesos and remis fare solves all of that, btw i'm Oscar, sometimes Julio other times ,Roberto lol

    There is never any need to have some stranger spend a night in your home.... that could be the moral of the story, but wait, we all knew that..(we old folks )