Home office in Argentina

  • We have all seen those pictures of freelancers earning thousands of dollars while sipping daiquiri in a hammock on a tropical island. Nothing further from reality. A good working station is more essential than ever. When I arrived in Argentina, I simply brought with me my laptop and for several years I simply worked on the kitchen table (moving twice a day) or from the bed. My back was hurting and eventually, with a bigger place, my husband pushed me for a desk.


    True to my penny-picker-ness, I was using a cheap IKEA stand to keep it upper, because I was flexing my spine all day and I had to go to a chiropractor and masseur to keep the discomfort manageable. Eventually, my macbook died and I bought an iMac. It was a glorious jump, but a few years later I have a different neck and shoulder pain, and I still have to go to a masseur (although less often than before).

    I also have an ergonomic office chair by A2 with no armrests (they could slide under my desk) and no headrest. Would it be useful for my neckache?


  • If you’re already using the ergonomic chair, serafina , is your neck pain any better?

    My pain just moved up. I used to have lower back pain, now I have neck pain. X/

    I have been using an ergonomic chair for a couple of years now. I wonder if I should buy a foot rest or a head rest.

    It turns out pet-therapy doesn't work well for office-related pain. 8)