Selfish cyclists

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    The vigilante shed thread also brought to light the problems the local authority are having with cyclists around here. As many may know, during the last twelve months, millions of bicycles have been bought in Argentina, largely due to interest-free payment deals over twelve or eighteen months.

    Our road runs parallel with the river from Olivos up to San Fernando and is generally a fairly quiet, leafy and green road with no traffic lights. Consequently thousands of bikes descend on the route over the weekend and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that over Saturday and Sunday we have at least three to four thousand cyclists pass our house.

    Not that that is a problem in itself, rather the attitude of the cyclists who often ride four abreast, ride in the middle of the road and ignore every single rule of the road.

    McDonald's on Libertador, Olivos is now refusing to pay their local authority taxes (ABL) because their car park gets filled with cars belonging to cyclists who bring their bikes from the city, thus preventing legit customers from using the car park.

    Our road is too narrow for a cycle lane so the the council are having issues on how to solve the problem without closing the road to traffic over the weekend, which has been done further up when it becomes San Isidro's responsibility.

    Residents just feel that cyclists consider themselves above the law - they all ignore red lights and one-way streets - and care little for other road users, which I agree with.

    Actually, although I've witnessed and assisted at several accidents involving cyclists outside our house, I'm surprised there haven't been any more serious incidents. I'm not against them but wish they would be more considerate towards other road users.

  • Three to four THOUSAND pass your house on weekends? Sounds like a flock of predatory migratory birds. How awful!

    Can’t businesses like McDonald’s have the cars towed? Sounds like a lucrative job for a towing company.

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    Residents just feel that cyclists consider themselves above the law

    They do. Thirty years ago, I was finishing elementary school and the local chief of police was invited to give us a 'road rule course'. At the age of 11, all we could do was riding a bike, so he dedicate the whole event to how bikes are subject to the rules of the road, as well. Back then, it was customary for bikes to ride in the wrong direction on a one-way street or 'cutting' roundabouts or riding on the sidewalk. There were several incidents in my small town over the years. Eventually, the police enforced the rules and things started to change. However, older generations flatly refused to abide. They had always been riding around town like they pleased and thought it was nonsense.

    Biking is very popular in Italy and when I was younger, on Sundays there were groups of bikers (from 5 to 20 bikers) swarming the roads and competitions that run across towns. Of course, they ride spread horizontally like the road is theirs. Car drivers got nervous and honked vigorously, which made for a noisy Sunday for us, the residents on main street.