US coast guard cutter refused entry to Buenos Aires

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    Washington is rightly offended by Argentina's refusal to allow the new US Coast Guard cutter, Stone, to berth in Buenos Aires. Mar del Plata was offered but as everyone knows, the vessel draws too much and M de P isn't deep enough. The objective was supposed to be a joint effort to patrol against illegal Chinese fishing.

    Clearly this is a purely political decision since both Russia and China are the K allies and the Casa Rosada, it seems, doesn't want a US flagged vessel sitting so close to the Casa Rosada, in spite of the fact that Argentina needs US help in dealing with the IMF.

    Clearly we're back to the same old K isolationist policies of old.…ostera-de-estados-unidos/

  • It seems that Argentina needs the US help not just with the IMF but also with the Chinese violation of Argentina’s fishing rights.

    Or are we to believe that the US undertook the expense of the deployment of troops and ship to Argentina without being asked to help?

  • The US overreaching perhaps? i wonder who is getting invaded next.....

    Thank god there's no Trump to blame lol