Covid detention centres in Formosa?

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    This how 50% of poor people in Formosa live.

    The feudal province of Formosa has been run by the same governor, Gildo Insfran, since 1995 - that's 26 years.

    It's worth noting that Insfran hasn't released a tax return during his tenure, which in fact he should do by law.…a-y-su-entorno-gobernante

    He is now accused of crimes against humanity where people are dragged from their homes by the police and thrown into detention centres to mix together with others with or without a Covid test.


    En Formosa, la Policía va de noche o de madrugada a golpear puertas y te lleva a un centro de aislamiento diciéndote que sos contacto estrecho

    It's been reported that conditions are horrendous in these centres and one wonders how they are allowed to exist in the first place.


    “Tenemos cuatro distritos bloqueados en la provincia y un estado policial que te asfixia. Es una situación triste, pero no nueva”, finalizó.

    The national minister for human rights,Pietragalla, has just visited the province having apparently been invited by the governor, only to deny each and every accusation of human rights abuse.

    A local councillor, Gabriela Neme was was arrested for denouncing Governor Insfran.


    For example, this Wednesday a man, who got tired of not being discharged despite having two negative swabs, escaped from an isolation center and barricaded himself in his home to give visibility to his situation. “I was in a place with more than 50 people, including those children and adults, with four showers and four toilets. All he asked was that one hour a day give us time for people to go out and walk in the courtyard. In the isolation center where I was, they were all negative ”, explained Gerardo, graphing the conditions to which he was subjected.

    Naturally everything is denied by the government out of fear of being compared to the military dictatorship of 76-83.

    By the way, Pietragalla is a son of a 'disappeared' of that era.