Netflix 'Try again later'

  • Since the holidays, we have been experiencing this error message on Netflix 'Couldn't load this content. Try again later', but only with the Apple TV 3gen. We have resolved by connecting the computer to the TV, and watching Netflix from browser. I thought it was because it is peak season, but the issue still remains.

    Have you also experienced it?

  • So, it is a Netflix issue! I have never had the same issue with the Amazon Fire stick we bought a few months ago, but admittedly, we don't use it as often as the Apple TV. We also switched location of both devices because we initially thought that it was a poor connection issue (the Apple TV was farther from the router than the Fire stick), but of course nothing changed.

    I will try to reboot the device. I usually keep trying and after 5-6 attempts it works again... but can stop at any time and for no reason.