Is anybody into SEO?

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    With the pandemic forcing many businesses to go online or to expand their online services, everybody and their mother needs a website nowadays. I have had a website for many years now, but it was DIY website with various free online web builders.

    Five years ago, we registered a domain and created our website with Wix. It was a static website and I didn't really care much about SEO.

    But in 2019 I took a SEO for translators course and I became acquainted with the subject. I learned how to tweak a website to improve the ranking on google. With Wix, SEO is made easier because there are SEO settings for each page.

    When the pandemic started, I had a calm period at work and decided to play around with SEO and... boom! 5 months later I was getting three inquiries a day. Hence, I am now growing an interest into SEO and I have bought a life subscription to ubersuggest by Neil Patel. I am still finding my way around it, but it seems pretty direct and intuitive. I like that it finds keywords on your website, your main competitors, rates your SEO performances and suggests how to improve your SEO ranking.

    Besides that, I am now faced with a decision I don't know how to tackle. Five years ago I registered domain A to try to get into the local market (Argentina) which is where my files are hosted. This is the website with the good positioning in Google and I was getting inquiries from Argentina, indeed. But I can do only so little here, and so I have now switched altogether to my main markets (US and UK). Last year I bought domain B for these market, but I only have the domain, which redirects to domain A. Domain name A is in Spanish and I don't think it's a good fit for the US/UK markets. How do I keep my good ranking but using domain B? Should I simply invert the redirect direction (the redirect from B to A should be changed to from A to B)?

    That's the first question.