Getaway during summer

  • We want to spend a few days in the countryside with a pool in late December / early January. I spotted a fancy estancia and I think we could splurge a little this year since we won't be doing any long distance traveling at all. I found La Bamba de Areco, which I have heard as recommended from other expats for years, however the displayed rate is 735 USD per night?! I think that not even the Presidential suite at the fanciest hotel in Recoleta is that expensive. I clicked on the 'RESERVATION' button on their website, so this IS their fee.

    Needless to say, my search continues...

  • We were thinking to do both Tigre and an estancia. No long distance travels yet. We'd rather drive there, unwind a couple of days etc.

    I am looking at estancias on booking, but it is not possible to search broadly by 'estancia' and I don't have a preferred location.

  • When hotel guests want to spend a few days in an estancia, the hotel wants to be sure they recommend good ones so their guests will return happy. What about checking with hotel concierges, to ask what they recommend? Why not start with Palacio Duhau, and work your way down? There could be some pleasant surprises.

  • 735 usd a night? lol that's why this country is in the shape it's in. There's nothing in this country worth paying half that much. But then again you have people here buying 18k dollars Harleys for 50k , then it makes sense.....I just love living in a place so full of savvy people