Covid-19 vaccine

  • I wouldn’t object to a vaccine passport either; indeed, it would give me some sense of relief that the coughing person seated 12 inches from my face might possibly not be a QAnon Anti-Vaxxer Insurrectionist Nutcase who thinks laws of science and disease don’t apply to HIM/HER.

    But it won’t happen because it is decidedly against the best interest of big business. Why would Disney World want to limit its customers, eliminating those who refuse to be vaccinated? Why would airlines and stadiums and theaters want to draw from a smaller pool?

    A vaccine passport would be in the interest of the person buying the tickets, but definitely not in the interest of those selling the tickets. Which group has lobbyists who can influence legislation?

  • As long as it doesn't give the excuse to a digital id card on the sly, not that I have anything to hide, I don't want to give my whereabouts to some nefarious police

    As long as its temporary, I wouldn't mind, but you have to be wary that it could be that sly excuse to do so