A woman's car was towed away and now she can't find it

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    It's happened to many of us - you go back to where you parked your car but it's not there having been towed away by the local authority with a notice stuck to the pavement (usually).

    However on this occasion Yanina went to the compound but it wasn't there and neither was it anywhere else. The police won't accept her statement of theft and the company with the contract for removing vehicles says it has no knowledge of it. She now believes one of the companies stole it.

    More to the point, two companies operate car removal services in the city and have been doing so without contacts since 2001, bringing in more than $9 million every month

    Clearly a Mafia setup.


  • Now THAT’S a first. I’m picturing a movie about mafia towing companies taking orders for particular makes & models, negotiating the prices, and driving around in their tow trucks to spot and collect what the customer has ordered.