English language in Argentina

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    Many British came to Argentina and brought with them technological advancements, built railways, buildings, and infrastructures that last to this day. However, relations between the UK and Argentina stiffened during the Falklands war.

    Nonetheless, people of British heritage remained very proud of their ancestry and in some families, English is still currently spoken at home. In Argentina, there are many bilingual schools that fit every pocket, which are attended by Argentinian children of all ages and heritage.

    At the same time, the second country where Argentinian emigrates is the United States. I feel that Argentina has a practical connection to the US, but a sentimental old-fashioned one to the UK.

    What kind of English are Argentinians studying and using? When I studies English in the Italian public school, older teachers had a sort of aversion to American English, while modern teachers were open to both ('just stick to one and don't mix', they said).

    This question comes from this document explaining the Argentinian Justice system. Typos aside, it doesn't feel quite right but I admit that my exposure to British English has been far less than to American English, so maybe that's the reason why.

    What has been your experience with English-speaking Argentinians?

  • Most of the English speaking schools have some sort of British or Irish connection , and they tend to teach UK English

    In recent years there have been some US schools opening though.

    Young kids tend to learn a lot on YouTube , so there language style will very much depend on what they watch there.

  • Older Argentines that we meet usually speak British English, and are proud of the fact that they speak it. There is a certain amount of snob appeal. I’ve had a woman ask if I could recommend an English tutor for her daughter, who would teach her proper English, not American.”

    Even though, as you say, more Argentines move to the US ( for shopping?!) than to the UK, someone with a British accent is admired rather than looked down on, as can be the case when someone who speaks American English goes to the UK.

  • I have always loved American accents . Probably it was a young lady from New Jersey with nice eyes that convinced me.

    Argentine nationals nowadays are probably more exposed to the US accent than before and I reckon that in 10 years or so US style English will dominate.