Edenor / Edesur billing issue - crazy electricity bills

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    What happens is that Edenor 'reads' an unusually low consumption for a billing period. In our case, they read ZERO. The next reading is double than usual and it triggers the business fee instead of the residential one, no discount for subsidies or good standing.

    We paid 4,000 ARS and we thought it was okay, except that the next electricity bill was 6,000 ARS (usually, we pay about 1000 ARS). At that point, something smelled fishy and we found out that we are not the only ones who have been played this trick.

    No one else in our building is going through the same, but on local Facebook pages we have found several threads of people who have protested with Edenor/Edesur (as applicable). They won't acknowledge this and they won't escalate, unless you mention the magic words of "file a claim" with a consumer association or whatnot, and write them on Facebook or Twitter. Calling the customer service line seems to be ineffective. I suppose there are different companies dealing the various customer service channels, hence the different treatment.

    We stopped paying the electricity bill because we would have a big credit once this is solved (of course, they won't give you your money back, they'll keep it as a credit toward future bills). My husband has already spent 4 hours on the phone with them.

    Below the suggested path from a successful case:

  • Man, that woman spent a lot of time detailing how she navigated the situation.

    If you simply don’t pay until your usage catches up to earlier overpayments, can they disconnect your service?

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    My husband is especially pissed because he paid the first 4,000 in good faith, thinking it was a compensation for the missing reading (he thought they didn't come to read the meter because of a staff shortage during the pandemics). He later realized that other people didn't pay because they couldn't afford to pay 4 times fold all of a sudden.

    And the fact that they won't give you your money back is a disincentive to pay any further billing until this is solved.

    I don't think they can disconnect the service for such a short moratorium.

    My real issue is that we are now hooked to the business fee forever, unless they really take care of this. I wouldn't have mind a one-off 4,000 ARS instead of countless hours on the phone/chat/email, but if a few thousands has become the new normal, and it is unfair, I DO mind!!

    After yet another phone call, we finally had Edenor come to sense. They acknowledged the mistake and issued a credit that is enough to cover all of our electricity bills until the end of 2020. Still they took 4,000 pesos from us when the exchange was 160. So overall we lost money anyway.

    Like for many things in Argentina, cuando te toca, te toca...

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    I am glad I found that post on Facebook which provided the correct approach. With just calling the customer service we were going in circle with not much progress.

    The correct approach had it solved in a week. I guess they used to pull that stunt all the time, but with the social media spreading at all level of society they don't have a long way to go. People talk, and FASTER than ever.